Strategic Human Resources Management

The way people are managed needs to be integrated with the organisation’s strategies and business objectives. At NFP Consultancy we believe SHRM is a key support function for all aspects of organisational change and development, and as a leader in enabling all members of the organisation to complete their jobs more successfully — developing the skills base of the organisation and advising ways to enhance employee engagement.

 SHRM has both an operational and a strategic role, consider NFP Consultancy functioning as your business partner on people management issues. On a day to day basis we can support your organisation from ‘hire to retire’ by:

  • System Reviews and advisory.

  • On-boarding principles and processes that work proactively to reduce staff turnover.

  • Some goodbyes are necessary for the either the organisation or the employee to grow and develop, they don’t all have to end in tears. It is increasing important that the Offboarding process is handled professionally for the organisation and with dignity for the departing employee.

  • Conducting independent exit interviews that uncover the real reasons staff choose to quit.