Financial management & sustainability

Achieving financial sustainability is consistently reported as one of the main challenges of NFPs. Even before the pandemic many NFPs reported profit margins insufficient to ensure long-term survival, let alone to approach the challenges of the future from a position of financial strength.

An NFP is not an organisation that cannot make a profit. NFPs can and should make a profit to ensure their long term sustainability and financial strength. ‘Not-for-profit’ status isn’t about profit at all, but about purpose and how profits are used. Any profit made by an NFP must be applied towards its purpose, rather than distributed for the private benefit of the people involved.

NFP Consultancy Services can support your organisation with a range of financial management, fundraising, donor recruitment and cost reduction strategies. For example, we can assist with:

  • Systems, processes, risk management, sustainability reviews.

  • Budget reviews and forecasts, cost reduction exercises, supplier recommendations.

  • Grant writing and subsequent Grant Acquittal Reports.

  • Supporting donor recruitment processes, research and story telling