Planning, Implementation and Review

Change Managers, at all levels, have to be competent at identifying the need for change. They also have to be able to act in ways that will secure change. While those leading change may work hard to deliver improvements, there is a widely accepted view that up to 60 per cent of change programs fail to achieve their targeted outcomes.

Getting it ‘wrong’ can be costly but getting it ‘right’ is not easy. There is a Change Management Strategy for just about every change scenario. At NFP Consultancy we support your need for change with our “4 P’s” process:

  • Priorities: what are the key priorities, the order of change etc.

  • People: who will be affected and how, internal and external stakeholders.

  • Potential Pain Points: predicting and minimising challenges beforehand.

  • Progress: how to measure success following implementation and kpi’s have shifted.

We work with you to plan and design the road map and then walk alongside of you on your change journey.