Boards and Management Committees are expected to “play a role in setting the tone, influencing and overseeing culture, and ensuring the right governance framework and controls are in place.”

To gain insights into an organisation’s culture and to encourage positive conduct, it is suggested that boards consider the following questions:

  • Has the culture of the organisation been independently assessed? Do the firm’s stated values match the actual experiences of customers, employees, suppliers, etc.?

  • Is culture a regular feature on the board and audit committee agendas?

  • Do directors have broader interaction across the organisation (for example, not limiting themselves to the chief executive officer and executive management)?

  • Does the board engage with external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, and regulators?

  • Is data captured on key indicators (for example, employee feedback and surveys, customer complaints, progress on employee training on culture issues)? Is this data monitored to see   how the various indicators change or move together?

  • Is the information in internal and external audits being fully used? 

In addition to the above, NFP Consultancy Services can support your organisation with the following services:

  • Constitution Reviews: does the Constitution still reflect the organisation’s current structure and activities?

  • Policy writing and reviews: do the policies and procedures align with sector best-practice and/or e.g. Human Services Quality Standards.

  • 8-point Organisation Maturity Scorecard vs Sector Average.

  • Conduct the annual “ATO Self‑governance checklist for not-for‑profit organisations”.

  • Board member induction and performance reviews.