Interim Management

When crisis strikes your organisation, what can you do? As you try to pick up the pieces, at some point your mind would likely turn to the fantasy of bringing in an accomplished executive with extensive experience in the exact type of crisis your business is experiencing, just long enough to get you through it. That’s no fantasy, though. Such an option exists.

According to the Interim Management Association, “Interim Management is the rapid provision of senior executives to manage change or transition”. In simpler terms, an interim manager is a highly experienced and specialised executive whom you can employ for a short time to solve a specific business problem. He or she is a master project manager who will not only give you advice, but also implement your solution.

For example, consider an association that has lost its competitive edge in the sector the past five years due to internal politics, poor leadership or some other reason. To make things worse, the Managing Director has suddenly resigned, and as Chair you realise that the existing management team is too inexperienced to take the organisation forward.

You have two alternatives. You can source a senior-level executive from another organisation as a permanent hire. But that drains valuable resources and may destabilize the association further, as employees feel threatened and leave. Worse yet, if the new executive is the wrong choice, removing them will be difficult.

The other alternative is an interim manager with specialisation in the needed field and experience in short-term troubleshooting and company efficiency. The choice is obvious. Hiring an interim manager not only puts someone in place faster but avoids aggravating the internal politics currently strangling the company. Existing employees will feel less threatened by the interim manager because of his or her limited time with the company.

In short, we meet your specialized needs, and are actively involved from start to finish on achieving solutions, working with your own people and reporting directly to you. We develop the strategies and then implement them.