brainstorming & leadership

In nearly every business setting, brainstorming techniques play a critical role in the creativity of the organization as a whole. Whether it is formalized as a process or just occurs naturally in meetings, brainstorming sessions often lead to some of the best ideas that a company will ever produce. If you feel like your organisation is ‘stuck in the mud’ at the moment and you need to get things moving once again, a brainstorming meeting may be just what you need.

Acting as an independent Chair NFP Consultancy can create a brainstorming environment that is supportive and encouraging to allow all participants to use their creativity as fully as possible. The key is to ask the right question in a way that at least some of the results of the brainstorming session are usable.

Options include:

  • Chairing strategic planning meetings, budget reviews and/or other workshops.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) activities.

  • Independent Due Diligence prior to merger or acquisition.

 When crisis strikes your organisation, what can you do? As you try to pick up the pieces, at some point your mind would likely turn to the fantasy of bringing in an accomplished executive with extensive, just long enough to get you through it. That’s no fantasy, though. Such an option exists.

Engaging NFP Consultancy in an interim manager role puts someone in place faster, stepping in to fill a planned or unexpected gap in executive staffing. As your trusted advisor, we understand your specialised needs, and are actively involved from start to finish on achieving solutions, working with your own people and reporting directly to you.