Donor Recruitment - Growth Strategies

At NFP Consultancy Services we use four steps to map out a Donor Recruitment Strategy. Planning, finding, connecting and retaining committed long-term individual and corporate partners is an on-going process. Each step in the process is vital but can never be successful in supporting you to implement a successful and stable strategy on their own.

Plan        Find        Connect        Retain

The Planning Process:
We will assist you to clarify who your organisation and its activities represent and we will help you answer the question "what does our organisation do that no-one else does?" We will work with you to develop a database of the people that your organisation communicates and interacts with. We will identify what the percentage of your "community" you don't communicate with and develop ways to expand your communication reach. This preparation time is critical. Our Fundraising 101 Checklist will create the foundations on which your Donor Strategy will be developed and implemented.

The Search For Potential Donors
: Building a prospect list is hard – mainly because comprehensive databases providing details on high net-worth individuals and foundations are either expensive to acquire or hard to get hold of. To begin, we will start with what you already know. We will brainstorm amongst your team what you do, how you do it, and where you do it, and generate the names of individuals or organisations who have similar interests, functions or concerns. We will assist you to enhance the list through conversations with people you know, that understand your work and/or the philanthropic scene. Once we have a list of prospects, we will prioritise based on these two questions that will focus you on those that promise the highest return on investment (ROI): • What is their propensity to give? (How much do they care?) • What is their capacity to give? (How much are they able to give?)

Connecting With Potential Donors : We will assist you to craft your call to action - with the emphasis on Action. Your call to action is the pivotal piece of your message, so it’s important to get it right. The problem is that many not for profit campaigns lack that. Hence the problem of the "Call to Inaction." It's great to state who you are and what you do, but if you never clearly ask for money and never appeal to potential donors correctly, your results won't amount to much. To do that you need to answer the following four questions every time you ask:

Why me?          Why Now?       What For?      Who says?

Retaining Donors For Life: You've done the hard yards, and now is the time to ensure you maintain your Donor Community as well as attracting new donors year on year. Our Retention Strategy will include (i) a profound reminder of the deep values and moral struggle that gave rise to your organisation’s existence; (ii) we will develop a cultivation strategy and calendar; (iii) we will ask your donors for their feedback and opinions on a regular basis; (iv) we will use their advice when appropriate; it shows that we’re listening; (v) we will enrich donor engagement by offering chat room or phone-in briefings with your CEO; (vi) we will provide real-life glimpses into the life of your organisation. Your supporters expect authenticity, which is arguably the paramount value in marketing communications.